Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stretching our legs

The first day of the service run is coming to a close and it was a long, but successful day. Mariah, Daniel from the Geophysical Institute, and I are heading to the northern half of the array while Daniel and Xavier from the Geophysical Institute are heading south. Both teams serviced one station today, but plan to do 3-4 tomorrow and the day after that. Hopefully we'll then be able to meet up as a big team to move a site that needs to be relocated due to a land owner's request.

Interestingly, both Mariah and I have a common fieldwork friend named Nova. She did a master's degree at BYU where she co-led a field course in Indonesia and she has been absolutely amazing to work with on a deployment I worked on in Indonesia ( It can be pretty amazing how small of a field earth science can seem. We always seem to pop in and out of each others' lives and I think that drives a sense of community amongst many scientists. Arguments could be made whether that's good or bad for the science, but I've generally found it to be a healthy, supportive environment, even if we do have work to do to encourage under-represented groups to get out and play with rocks.

Random view from the road

Looking inside the electronics box of station EC04

Mariah and Daniel from the Instituto

Rob at EC04 (proof that I'm not just taking pictures and writing)

Getting ready for a night of calling landowners and downloading data

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