Friday, May 13, 2016

Another day in the books; 4 more stations in the ground

Today was a bit shorter for my team. The drive to the area wasn't bad and the landowners at our first attempted sites were home and agreeable; they even helped us install the stations including helping with the digging and building fences for us. Usually we'd build our own fences, but we're on a tight schedule and folks usually will know what works best for fences on their land. 

Since we worked tough yesterday, we were able to stop for a really good quick lunch. Usually, I tend to just get snacks in the morning and work through the mid-day to maximize daylight. But we had time and were able to find a place with set lunch, so it only cost us about 30 minutes, which is not bad and really made the afternoon feel better. 

I'm really liking our station design. I think we'll get very good data out of these stations, so I'm looking forward to checking out some wiggles. The whole deployment, including the US, UK, French, and Ecuadorian stations looks to be quite dense. This should make for some very nice wavefield images, but will be very interesting to see how well the mixed deployment will work - we are putting out broadband instruments, whereas many of the other instruments are short to intermediate period sensors. 

Sensor in the ground, on a granite pad and the electronics box being filled.

Station EC14 - the sensor in its home. 
View from EC14

Sensor buried, just need to mount the solar panel.

Some last touches with the son of the landowner. 
The team - from left: Christian, son of the landowner, Susan, landowner, and Carlos (or Carlitos). This was taken before the next image. Notice the tree branch over the team.

After hacking off a tree-branch with a machete.

Susan checking the power system with family from EC15

A nice little sunset in the clouds.

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