Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On the way home

With the last stations deployed, Susan, Roberto, Evan, and I returned to Quito. On the way we had a little car issue, as must happen on every deployment, but it wasn't serious and we got it fixed easily. It still cost us some time, but it felt good to have it fixed. On the road we had some nice scenes through the mountain jungles. Most of the skies were too cloudy to see much, but we still got to see a waterfall and a demon face carved into the side of a mountain. I don't usually do selfies, but thought a couple were appropriate here.

It feels good to be done. We have a few more things to square up with the institute, but we have 19 new broadband stations installed in Northern Ecuador. In about 4 months we'll be back for a service run to pull the data and ship it to IRIS. Once there, it will be open and available for anyone who wants to do science with it. I personally may not work too much on this data, but I look forward to having a peak at some wiggles.

Waterfall en route to Quito

El Diablo Tanabi

El Diablo and Rob

Clouds enveloping the mountains

random selfie. Not a professional selfie pose, but c'est la vie.

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