Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First field day completed!

We've successfully completed day 1 of actual field work! Two stations are in the ground. It was hot and humid and hot, so the work was slow, but we've got two good looking sites installed. The long days and hot weather are tough on team morale, so my team took it a little easy and retreated to the hotel to regroup after just one station. I took the chance to enjoy the sunset and once the other team arrived we had a nice dinner at the hotel. Susan, Anne, and Mario are now planning out logistics for the next day. I'm hoping we get two sites per team, maybe even start to lay the basic work on three. Our station design is really not tough to install, its just a matter of building the team work and dealing with the heat.

Our current base in Atacames is really fantastic. Its a little beach front town that seems mostly to cater to tourists looking to get away. My team will likely be driving west and down the coast from here tomorrow, coming closer to the epicenter near the towns of Pedernales and Musine. 

Susan and Christian discussing the site.

Our station boxes are supporting the solar panels. This provides a little extra protection from rain and heat, but is really only possible in low latitudes.

Finishing up the site

The sun is setting over the beach from the htoel.

A beautiful sunset in all its glory.

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