Monday, May 9, 2016

First day in Quito

Today was our first full day in Quito. After a quick breakfast of granola, cereal, eggs, and most importantly, coffee, we walked from our guest house to the Instituto Geofísico at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional (IG-EPN) and met with collaborators there. We were helped quite a bit by a friend of mine, Stephen Hernandez, who is a volcano seismologist here at the Instituto. He contacted one of their drivers, Javier, to drive us around for shopping. We picked up most of the equipment we need for stations and then had a short meeting Mario Ruiz, the director of the Instituto, and a pair of French researchers from Nice who are deploying another component of the array.

Tomorrow our large rental truck will arrive and we'll load up and head out to the coast to begin the deployment. Our first stations should go in the ground on Wednesday, so we'll hope to have some actual field photos up soon!

The US group walking to the Instituto

You see buckets, we see station vaults.

The city is built on a mountain, but hopefully this shows how cloudy it was here in Quito today.

One of the Instituto's trucks.

A warehouse full of vaults!

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