Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Large aftershock

We're in Quito and just felt a large (M6.7) aftershock in our hotel at 3am. The shaking was moderate, (MMI IV), but enough to be frightening. I've just heard some sirens, 20 minutes after the shaking so the local emergency response teams seem mobilized. I'm really worried about the landowners we've met with over the last week. We've documented some of the damage 2-3 weeks after the mainshock and I expect there is some more similar damage near the epicenter of this earthquake.

Scientifically this is a strange event. Aftershocks approximately 1 magnitude unit less than the main shock should only occur within the first week or so, and thus this one is bigger than would be expected. However, it is in some sense fortuitous as we've just finished our deployment and this quake is in the center of our network. So we should have very good recordings of this earthquake.

USGS map of Rosa Zarate event. M6.7

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