Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another M6.8 aftershock

Today, around 11:45am, we felt another moderately large sized earthquake. This one occurred in a very similar location as last night's earthquake with virtually the same magnitude and moment tensor. It was pretty frightening as we were on the 8th floor of a building built in 2 parts and we watched as the parts swayed relative to each other and then we exited the building with a large crowd. We're ok; the shaking was pretty far away from Quito. Now we're just preparing to give a short talk at the Instituto about our (Susan's) research in South America and thank them for all their help. So far its been a successful deployment, but the real test will come in four months when we service the stations - ie pick up the data and check on station health. That's all for now, hopefully we'll have some updates when the team heads back down here!

Moon over a waning day in Quito, looking east.

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