Thursday, May 12, 2016

Northern Ecuador Rapid Deployment

Today was the first day on this trip I thought to myself "what in the world am I doing here?". Flying down on short notice to an area recently devastated by an earthquake is not my usual Monday. But here we are, working with locals, finding sites, and deploying stations. Four shiny new stations were installed today along the coast. Everything is muddy and much of the area is below sea level and often flooded. So the challenge is to find good, solid, high ground. So far we've been lucky; regions only have 1-3 viable sites and we're finding them and installing quick. 

From the truck; view of people rebuilding.

Some small tents. We passed many tent cities on the way, so its good to see humanitarian efforts are on their way, but never can be fast enough.

Susan with a fancy berry juice at dinner.

EC13 all ready to record

EC13, nearly done. Proof that professors get out and get dirty in the field.

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